Pro tip: Metroid's Justin Bailey

The original Metroid game is pretty tough. You have to take your bounty hunter through the bowels of a planet to find powerups and defeat the Metroids that lie within.

But the problem is that you start out super-weak, which means that you're going to be seeing this a lot

Though you do get passwords to help maintain your progress. And just like Kid Icarus, you can put in some really easy to remember passwords for some neat effects.

For example, try putting in this password:

JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------

Is Justin Bailey a real person or is this just a quirk of the password system? I have no idea, but it's a very useful password either way.

Then you start with Samus's suit off, the Wave Beam, five energy tanks, 255 missiles (which is more than you are normally allowed to carry, it rolls back to 205 if you pick any up), and both minibosses defeated. The only thing left to do is go find the ice beam and then fight the last boss.

Plus it's super-easy to remember, which is also a plus.