Pro tip: moving the camera around in Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball

Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball is an... interesting softball game for a lot of reasons, like the unique characters that are featured. Like Zelda the witch

But let's suppose for a minute that you went to the title screen

And while there you took Controller 2 and held Up while pressing A six times, then held Down while pressing B four times. Then used the Start button on controller 1 to start the game as normal. Then what would you have?

Well, nothing obvious. But when you get to the part of the game where the camera's zoomed out to show the field (i.e. after a ball's been hit), you can hold down the Start button and use the Control Pad to look at any part of the field you want.

Which is actually kind of useless since the default is for the camera to follow the ball so you can make plays. I really only found it useful as something to do after I hit a home run and was waiting for the guys to round the bases.