Pro tip: playing as Gargos

If you've played Killer Instinct Gold for any length of time and gotten more than terrible at it, then you've probably run up against the brick wall at the end of the game, Gargos.

"He cheats", you probably think to yourself, "but I'd sure like to play as him, since he's way overpowered".

Well, then go right ahead!

Turn on the game and wait a while for one of the character bios to pop up.

Then hit these buttons on controller 1:

Z, A, R, Z, A, B

Done right, you'll hear Gargos's devilish laugh. Then start up a game and check out who's between Maya and Jago

Pick him and go to town.

He's kind of tough to use, though, so you might want to take him to training mode first.