Pro tip: Don't Believe Everything You Read: Taboo Edition

Taboo isn't so much a game as it's a Tarot card reader. And it's not even a real good one of those, either.

But you have it there, and it's doing its thing, which is fine. You'll notice that after you ask it your question that it will start shuffling the cards before dealing them, natch.

Now I had read in just about every magazine that I could get my hands on when this game was newish (that also bothered to cover this game) that you could influence the direction that the cards were cut and shuffled by pressing the different directions on the control pad of your controller.

It turns out that that's not exactly the case.

I pressed the buttons on my controller's cross pad in random directions, and could only get the cards to go in the direction I wanted less than half the time. So, the next time I tried to get the cards to go the same direction every time... and it only went the direction that I was pressing about a quarter of the time... which is pretty much what you'd expect if it was random.

So, yeah, this 'trick' doesn't exactly work. Don't fool yourself into believing it.