Pro Tip of the Day - misc en Pro tip: Filler week part 5 <p>It's been a rather interesting week around here, and I appreciate you sticking it out with me. I've got lots more stuff to share, but that'll have to wait until we need more filler. </p> <p>But for today, we have this:</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>And I'm just sad that I don't fit into it any more. </p> <p>Regularly scheduled updates to resume next week.</p> filler misc pro tip Fri, 10 Sep 2010 11:32:31 +0000 Will 519 at Pro tip: Filler week: Part 4 <p>One of the great things about moving is that you stumble across lots of things that got filed away and forgotten about, like these magnets that I haven't seen in years.</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>And they still work! Bonus!</p> filler misc pro tip Thu, 09 Sep 2010 11:52:26 +0000 Will 518 at Pro tip: Filler week part 3 <p>Nothing quite like a three day weekend followed by a four-day workweek to just annihilate any sense of progress.</p> <p>But I did hit a box and find a 1UP</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Which helps quite a bit.</p> filler misc pro tip Wed, 08 Sep 2010 11:55:52 +0000 Will 517 at Pro tip: Filler week part 2 <p>Still sitting on the beach and sipping m... er, I mean slogging along trying to figure out what box has my shoes in it. </p> <p>But, I did find some of my old reference materials</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>So there is that.</p> filler misc pro tip Tue, 07 Sep 2010 11:37:16 +0000 Will 516 at Pro tip: Filler week part 1 <p>Even in the best of circumstances, moving to a new house is an ordeal. And since I've done that this weekend, my games and devices are all packed away until I can dig them out again.</p> <p>But have no fear!</p> <p>I will be posting some 'behind the scenes' images this week, and should be back in full swing next Monday.</p> <p>So sit back, relax, and enjoy!</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> filler misc pro tip Mon, 06 Sep 2010 13:49:13 +0000 Will 515 at Pro tip: Checking out (some) cutscenes any time you want <p>Ever been digging around on your computer's hard drive, in the directories where the games or other programs are installed to see what you can find? </p> <p>No?</p> <p>Well you should! (Just be mindful to not actually delete or modify anything) You might find all kinds of goodies.</p> <p>For instance, check out this partial listing of the Videos folder in my Neverwinter Nights install. </p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Doesn't look like much, I know. And it's kind of hard to tell from this shot, but they all have a .bik extension. What does that mean? </p> <p>Glad you asked!</p> <p>It means that these movies were created with the RAD video tools. And that means that if you have the right player, you can watch them.</p> <p>Even better, the company responsible for the format has also released a standalone player that you can download <a href="">here</a> that can play those videos and a whole lot more video conversioney stuff. It's a pretty good deal for a free tool.</p> misc pc pro tip Tue, 24 Aug 2010 12:09:10 +0000 Will 506 at Pro tip: Killing a Friday <p>For most of you that work a traditional 5-day work week, your motivation can roughly be summed up by this graph.</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>So at about 4:00 on Friday (or whatever your equivalent of a Friday is), unless your building has caught fire, you're probably not going to get a whole lot done.</p> <p>Now, your may remember that on April 1st of this year, Google replaced their logo with an interactive version of Pac-Man.</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>What does this have to do with 4:00 on Fridays?</p> <p>Well, it happens that the logo-thing was so popular that Google made it accessible all year round. And that means that you can play a quick round of Pac-Man, legally, in your browser <a href="">here</a>.</p> <p>Just don't tell the boss!</p> misc pac-man pro tip Fri, 20 Aug 2010 11:59:58 +0000 Will 504 at Pro tip: An invisible secret nothing in Super Mario World <p>You remember the <a href="">Top Secret Area</a> in Super Mario World, right? Well, it's got one more secret up its sleeve.</p> <p>Take a look at this screenshot. </p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Looks pretty normal, right? But I'd like to draw your attention to this area about in the middle of the screen, toward the bottom.</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>If you take Yoshi and hold Up while pressing Y, his tongue will shoot out, but he'll be standing up.</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>If you're positioned correctly, you'll hear a 'thup-thup' sound, like his tongue is bouncing off of something that he can't eat, like a keyhole. But there's nothing there. </p> <p>Weird, huh?</p> misc pro tip smw SNES Wed, 28 Oct 2009 12:32:54 +0000 Will 292 at