Pro Tip of the Day - adventures of lolo 2 en Pro tip: Accessing the Pro levels in The Adventures of Lolo 2 <p>The Lolo games are pretty tough, but maybe you've gotten pretty good that them. You've practiced enough and can finish the levels backward and forward without batting an eyelash. You're ready for the Pro levels.</p> <p>The second Lolo game has four Pro levels, accessible by going to the password screen and using the password PRO*, where "*" is either A, B, C, or D, depending on what Pro level you want to play. </p> <p>And these levels are doozies, check 'em out. </p> <p>Pro A:</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Pro B:</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Pro C:</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>And Pro D:</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>And, yeah, there's only four of them, but they're tough. But you're up to the challenge, right?</p> adventures of lolo 2 NES passwords pro tip Mon, 12 Jul 2010 12:01:29 +0000 Will 475 at Pro tip: customizing Lolo 2's controls <p>In the Adventure of Lolo games, the controls are pretty simple: Press A to use your magic shot, and press B to use your PW item.</p> <p>But in the second game, if you go to the password screen and enter the password "CSTM"</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Which kind of looks like the word "CuSToM", you get whisked away to a config screen</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Where you can customize the controls to your heart's content.</p> <p>Not that there's a lot of customization to do.</p> adventures of lolo 2 NES passwords pro tip useless Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:46:29 +0000 Will 338 at