Pro Tip of the Day - james bond jr en Pro tip: Extra time to do stuff in James Bond Jr. <p>Play James Bond Jr. long enough and you'll eventually see this screen.</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>It would be pretty awesome if there were some way to put off seeing that screen for as long as possible, right?</p> <p>And there totally is!</p> <p>If you go to the passcode screen and enter this code:</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>The timer will go up to 99:99 and your bullets will be maxed out!</p> <div align="center"><img src="" /></div> <p>Which should go a long way toward delaying that screen from appearing.</p> james bond jr NES passwords pro tip Tue, 02 Mar 2010 13:02:54 +0000 Will 381 at