Pro Tip of the Day - jurassic park en Pro tip: Seeing the end of Jurassic Park any time you want <p>A basic tenet of games based on movies is: most of them are awful. But sometimes you just have to play them to see how bad they really are. Like Jurassic Park.</p> <p>But let's say that you get a game like this on a rental and don't have the chops to make it to the end before it has to go back to the rental place. What do you do?</p> <p>Well, you could to to the title screen</p> <div align="center"><img src="" alt="jurassic park" /></div> <p>And then grab Controller 1 and press Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Left. Done right you'll hear a noise of some kind. Start your game like normal, and then any time you want to. Pause the game and hit Select. You'll be warped to the next stage!</p> <div align="center"><img src="" alt="jurassic park" /></div> <p>And you can keep on doing that until you get to the end of the game (spoiler alert between these lines!)</p> <hr /> <div align="center"><img src="" alt="jurassic park" /></div> <hr /> <p>Making the game last about three minutes (or less if you have fast fingers).</p> button codes jurassic park NES pro tip Wed, 28 Jul 2010 12:03:50 +0000 Will 487 at