Pro tip: winning the Match Cards game in Yoshi's Island

When you're playing through Yoshi's Island, you occasionally run into some bonus games, one of which is the Match Cards game.

It's kind of like Memory, you get a quick look at the cards, and then they're flipped over and you have to make matches. Screw up a couple of times and you lose.

But what if you don't have a camera or some other way to take a screenshot for reference? And what if you don't have a photographic memory?

I like to use a pen and paper. You have just enough time to write down what's being shown to you if you're quick and use a kind of shorthand.

For instance, with the screen above, I'd write:

G F 1 G B
2 1 2 B

Then, it's an easy matter of matching up the items by consulting your notes. Which will fill up your inventory and

The last thing you match will turn into a 10UP!

Double bonus!