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Pro tip: Your PS2 and Xbox 360 has more buttons than you might think

At first glance, it might appear that the Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 consoles have quite enough buttons, over 11 at last count (which is more digits that most people have on all of their hands combined). But, what you may not know is that the two control sticks are also buttons. Simply apply pressure to each of the sticks like you were pressing a button and, presto! You're rewarded with the clicking sound of a button freshly pressed.

Of course, what this will accomplish will be determined on the game and whether or not the developer actually knew that these were buttons that could have functions assigned to them. So give it a try and see what happens!

Pro tip: Secret of Mana's End Boss is a pushover

Spoilers galore in today's protip, so if you don't want a 15 year old game spoiled, don't click on this link.

Pro tip: Super Mario Bros. All the Powerups

Since we're talking about the original Super Mario Bros. lately, I've prepared a short video showing you where all the powerups are. Make sure you take real good notes because I kind of left out pesky things like 'context'.

Yeah, I know the sound gets out of wonk in a couple of places, but I'm too lazy to change it back, so you'll just have to consider those parts to be 'easter eggs'.

Pro tip: Super Mario Bros. - Hold A and press Start to continue

It might not seem like it now since so many of us have played it to death, but the original Super Mario Bros. is a tough game until you have the whole thing memorized, so if you're new to the game you're going to see this a lot:

But all is not lost! Once the title screen pops back up, hold down the A Button and press Start to start back up at the beginning of the world where you bought the farm.

Of course, as you get better, you probably won't need this any more. At least, that's the goal.

Protip: Shoot the Cyberdemon until it dies

Let's start at the beginning, so we all know where we come from.

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