mickey mousecapade

Pro tip: invincible Minnie

Some of the bosses (and some of the regular characters for that matter) can be a real pain in Mickey Mousecapade, but with a little prep they're pushovers.

In the very first stage, you're going to want to take the time to get the second Star, which goes to Minnie.

Then, carefully using ladders you can actually get the two mice separated

And, since Minnie's invulnerable, you can use her to attack enemies while Mickey hangs out at a safe distance

And if you didn't bother getting that star at the beginning, well then you're out of luck.

Pro tip: the last boss in Mickey Mousecapade is a pushover

Mickey Mousecapade is a pretty short and relatively easy game, punctuated by unusually tough boss fights. The final one in particular is maddeningly tough.

Unless you know how to beat her with hardly any effort, which I do.

Okay, first, make your way to the last room of the last level (make sure you have the key first, otherwise that door won't open)

Next, shoot approximately the area that I've circled

There's a hidden thing there, it could be an enemy that steals Minnie away, but there's an equally good chance that it's an invincibility fairy.

Once you get it, just hold Right. Your fairy will start to leave as soon as you get into the boss room.

But as long as she's still on the screen, you're still invulnerable, so walk right into the boss before your fairy makes it off the screen.

And you win! Without shooting anything or taking any damage.

Pretty snazzy.

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