on the ball

Pro tip: Changing your ball in On The Ball

Have you ever been playing On The Ball and got tired of seeing that blue marble hurtling through the mazes?

Well, you could go to the Password screen and put in the password: GFXJF

Done right, you'll be whisked to a screen where you can pick alternate balls... even though they don't look particularly ball-like

But they behave just like the ol' blue marble does, so don't worry about that

Yeah, they look kind of funny, but it's nice to have a change of scenery once in a while.

Pro tip: Selecting the starting round in On The Ball

On The Ball is a little bit of an oddball game. You have to guide your little marble through the stages by rotating the stage and letting gravity take care of the rest. There's a huge variety of stages (one hundred of 'em!) to keep you busy for a while.

But what if you went to the password screen and put in this sequence of characters?:

You'd be taken back to the title screen, with a snazzy new option!

Pick your round and get on it!

But, be warned, those higher levels are pretty ridiculous.

I mean, they're at the end of the game for a reason, you know.

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