skate or die 2

Pro tip: Choosing your level in Skate or Die 2

Skate or Die's adventure mode is pretty tough. Partially due to some wonky hit detection, but mostly because of some pretty evil level design. There are 4 stages total, but odds are that you're going to give up on it well before you see them.


If you have a second controller, at any time in the adventure mode you can press on it:

Start, A, Select, B

And then either Right, Left, or Up. Depending on the direction you pressed, you'll be instantly warped to a different stage: Right takes you to the Mall (Stage 2), Left to the Beach (Stage 3), and Up to the Warehouse (Stage 4). You would think that Down would take you back to Stage 1, but no.

Just be aware that you don't get any board or trick upgrades when you warp around. So I'd definitely recommend hanging out on Level 1 for a while getting upgrades before you go on. (Yeah, you can get some upgrades in Stage 3 also, but there aren't any items to collect to pay for them. So stocking up on those is probably a good idea, too).

Pro tip: Skate or Die 2, unlimited lives

The story mode in Skate or Die 2 is nigh impossible. But there's another mode you can play to pass some time. It's you with three minutes and three boards (a.k.a. lives) to score as many points as you can.

But, pulling off tricks is pretty tough, and if you fail, you'll probably break your board... or worse, usually in a comically tragic fashion.

And, since it's so easy to fail, you're probably going to have a real hard time making it for the full three minutes the first couple of hundred times you play it.

So, what do you do?

Start a new game, move your guy to the top of the ramp, wait until he scratches his head, press Start, Start, Select. Done right you'll hear this sound.

Once you hear that, you'll have unlimited boards and be able to crash all you want. Though you'll still have that pesky 3 minute timer to deal with. Not a whole lot we can do about that.

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