snake rattle n roll

Pro tip: An easier warp in Snake Rattle 'n Roll

I admit, the warp in Snake Rattle 'N Roll I told you about a few months ago is kind of tough to get at. If you just give up completely trying to get it, I have a consolation prize for you.

In level 1, you'll notice these tiny islands floating out in the abyss. One of them has nothing on it. How conspicuous.

Hop on that island and hit the B Button to be whisked away to Level 3!

Which isn't quite as far as Level 8, but you also didn't have to work as hard, so I'd say the tradeoff is worth it.

Pro tip: Secret Warp in Snake Rattle n Roll

Snake Rattle n Roll is kind of tough, but it's made by Rare, so that's not too unexpected. I have a hard time getting too far in the game, mostly because I never really played it all that much.

So I like to skip ahead a few levels to make it look like I'm better at the game.

What you have to do is to immediately start going to to the right as fast as you can when the game starts.

Go fast enough (i.e. don't hit anything) and you'll see a rocket.

Jump up and hit the rocket to take a shortcut to Level 8!

Where the game ramps up in difficulty significantly, so good luck!

You'll need it!

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