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Pro tip: Don't believe everything you read: Syd Lexia edition

A while back, I stumbled across a site with a review, of sorts, of A Boy and his Blob. (warning, some NSFW language).

In it, he talks about one of the two flavors of jellybeans that a lot of people don't really know much about, Lime.

You get the Lime jellybeans (along with the Orange beans) in a bag that you find after escaping the deadly caverns

You get exactly two Lime jellybeans, which Syd says are exactly how many you need to finish the game: one to open the final boss room

And one to open the Vitamin Store, where you spend your Treasures to get vitamins, vitamins to shoot out of your Vitablaster (the Vitablaster is the gun that the Blob turns into if you feed him the other jellybeans in the bag, Orange). And, if you use one just to see what it does, you've screwed yourself out of the ability to finish the game.

But wait!

It turns out that while the Vitamin store is indeed locked when you start the game, once you get out of the sewers, it's totally unlocked. Check it out:

There I am, in the store, with both Lime jellybeans.

Not only that, but you don't even have to go into the Vitamin, sorry, Health Foods store to finish the game. The shots from the Vitablaster can't even be used against the final boss (and they're not even that useful against the enemies of Blobolonia, either.

Sorry, Syd.

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