toejam & earl

Pro tip: Accessing Level 0 in Toejam & Earl

The first level of Toejam & Earl seems pretty straightforward, right? Just a small island in the middle of an endless sea to get you introduced to the game, right?

But, say you progress far enough into the game that you get something that lets you travel across the surface of the water, like Icarus Wings

Then you could brave the endless expanse of water and travel Southwest until you make landfall

The island has a couple of presents on it, which is nice, but it also has a hole in it. So you obviously want to jump in

And when you do, you're greeted with a tiny island with a Lemonade Stand, a Hot Tub, and a Hula Dancer

For a nice, relaxing time, and a health refill.

And as a bonus, once you're done here, when you jump off the island you're transported back to the highest level you got to on your adventure. Extra bonus!

Pro tip: seeing Toejam & Earl's ending (almost) any time you want

Despite playing a lot of Toejam & Earl, I was never actually able to finish off the game. Heck, I was never even close. That's why, when I want to see the ending, I pause the game (usually at the beginning to make things way easier)

Then I press

Up + A + B + C, Right + A, Down + B, Left + C

which makes a 'ding' sound, and doesn't appear to do much until you go to the next stage. The next stage will have a ship part on it, collect it and...

Bam! It's the last piece!

Collect it and it's Ending Sequence for you!

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