yoshi's cookie

Pro tip: more rounds in Yoshi's Cookie

If you've never played Yoshi's Cookie, you're missing out on a... unique puzzle experience. You have to arrange the cookies into rows or columns that span the entire width or height of the puzzle so that they're easier to pack (it's easier to show than it is to explain).

And you can start at any level up to 10 to challenge your cookie-sorting abilities.

But, if you're some kind of expert cookie-sorting master or something, then you might not think that level 10 is much of a challenge.

OK, tough guy, change the Speed to High, the Music to Off, and then go to Round and hold Up while you hold Select.

The result?

You can choose any level up to 99.

Where the cookies turn into characters from the Mario universe somehow, but the game's the same.

And you need to be on top of your game, it gets pretty tough toward Level 99.

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