dr mario

Pro tip: Ending a round of Dr. Mario whenever you want

So let's say you're playing a round of Dr. Mario and you screw up your puzzle

Possibly even worse than I've done so here. What do you do?

Well, you could just keep hitting Down on the Cross Pad to fill up the center columns with capsules and end your game, but that's way too slow.

Even better would be to hold A + B + Select + Start. Done right, you'll be kicked back to the title screen!

This is way better than just walking up to your NES and hitting the reset button, mostly because you don't have to actually get up walk the up to 6 feet to wherever your NES is.

Pro tip: strategy reminder for Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario, for the two or three of you that haven't played it, is a game about matching multicolored capsules to eliminate viruses. Basically, the gist is that you line up four segments of one color and they disappear.

Now when I see most people playing this game they only seem to get half of it. They do pretty well making vertical clears.

But for some reason it doesn't seem to 'click' with them that clears can also be made horizontally

But they totally can!

And I know some of you Dr. Mario vets are going 'Well, duh!', but hey, beginners need some love, too.

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