Pro tip: Super Mario World's secret song

Play enough Super Mario World and you'll eventually make your way to the Special area where eight fairly tough levels with kind of silly names await you.

But if you sit at the map screen long enough, for several minutes, you might notice the music changes to something that sounds oddly familiar, the theme from the first game!

Don't have access to a save file close enough to the Special area? Or don't have a Super NES within arm's length? That's OK, I've prepared a sample for you right here in mp3 form.

Pro tip: An invisible secret nothing in Super Mario World

You remember the Top Secret Area in Super Mario World, right? Well, it's got one more secret up its sleeve.

Take a look at this screenshot.

Looks pretty normal, right? But I'd like to draw your attention to this area about in the middle of the screen, toward the bottom.

If you take Yoshi and hold Up while pressing Y, his tongue will shoot out, but he'll be standing up.

If you're positioned correctly, you'll hear a 'thup-thup' sound, like his tongue is bouncing off of something that he can't eat, like a keyhole. But there's nothing there.

Weird, huh?

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