castlevania iv

Pro tip: Viewing a sad, short scene in Super Castlevania IV

In Block 6 of Castlevania IV, you eventually come across a hallway where these chandeliers fall and try to crush you.

But, you'll notice that there's one archway that doesn't have one. Hit the ground there with your whip to reveal a secret staircase!

Where you'll find a ghost walking around with his ghost-dog

And if you kill off the dog

The Ghost will fall to his knees and begin to cry

Which is kind of sad, really.

But then you get to load up on powerups, which makes it OK.

Pro tip: Recording passcodes the easy way: Super Castlevania IV Edition

In the not-too-distant past, to save progress in some of your games, you'd be given a password of some kind. Which was usually fine until you get something like this one from Super Castlevania IV.

Now, what're you supposed to do with that? Draw a little 4x4 grid and draw symbols in each of the squares? Write out the words "heart, space, space, holy water", etc.?

Well, you could do those things, but I prefer to substitute numbers for the symbols. Like so:

Then the code becomes:

4 1 1 3
2 1 1 4
1 1 1 1
1 4 1 1

Which is much easier to write down, much easier to type, and much harder to screw up. It's a

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