rockin' kats

Pro tip: Seeing the end of Rockin' Kats any time you want

Rockin' Kats isn't really that tough of a game, especially when you can refill your HP any time you want. But, you still have to play through the game to see the ending, which could take a while.

Or, you could go to the password entry screen and put in this password:

Which will take you directly to the (rather silly) ending sequence.

Which is great if you're borrowing the game and don't quite make it to the end before you have to take it back.

Pro tip: Extra lives and a power refill in Rockin' Kats

Rockin' Kats isn't really that tough, but it does have its moments that are slightly frustrating.

But you can give yourself an advantage.

Any time you want, you can pause the game

Then hold Down on the control pad + A + B, and while holding those, press Start to unpause. Done right, you'll be rewarded

With six lives and a full life meter!

I was able to do this a half-dozen times in the course of the stage, so you can go nuts doing it as often as you like.

Just be aware that if you have more than six lives, they'll roll back to six when you do this trick.

But odds are that won't bother you too much.

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