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Pro tip: How to rig the gambling game in Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors 2

Money can be kind of hard to come across in the second Wizards and Warriors game, you don't really need it for much, but it's nice to have when you do want to buy something.

So, to make it easier to raise some cash, you could go to the title screen

Press and hold Up on the Cross Pad + B + Select, and while holding all of those, press Start. Done right, you can go to your nearest merchant and start playing the gambling game. The skull will always land in cups in the following order: 1, 4, 3, 2. And then repeat. You can sit there racking up cash for as long as you like

I was able to accumulate a tidy sum until I screwed up the rhythm and picked a cup out of sequence. Once that happened, the pattern ended and I had to go do something else.

Pro tip: Giving yourself an early advantage in Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 2

Even though you get unlimited continues, Wizards and Warriors 2 is a pretty tough game, mostly because Kuros starts out pretty weak, and the powerups are hidden in pretty obscure places. But, you can give yourself an early advantage.

Just go to the Password Entry screen and put in what I like to call "Q with a bunch of Ks"

Once that's in, you get plopped into the first stage with a shield, a helmet, 10 keys

and a full compliment of spells

Plus, the password is super-easy to remember. How could you go wrong?

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