super tennis

Pro tip: Editing your player in Super Tennis

Super Tennis is a surprisingly decent Tennis game. But I can tell, sometimes you want to mess with it. Change it around somehow.

And you can!

First, start a match

Then hit Select on Controller 1 to pause the action

Grab Controller 2 and hit

R, R, Left, Down, B, A, L, L

Then grab Controller 1 and hit B. Done right, you'll see a screen full of gobbledygook come up.

Which is actually a whole bunch of statistics, which you can change to whatever you want. And since they're in Base 16, the highest thing you can adjust them to is 'F'.

And there are four pages of them to change, so you might be there for a second or two.

Then you go back to the game an notice... well... not much, really. But at least I know that my Tennis Star's stats are maxed out, even though they don't seem to do much.

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