Pro tip: Warp to other castles

Going all the way back to 1983 today since being pro means that you play more than just games that came out in the last five years or so.

So, in Crystal Castles you have to make your bear gather up all the gems in each level. Once all the gems are collected you move on to the next one.

But what if you want a bigger challenge... or just want to skip ahead a bunch of levels?

From the first stage, walk up to the back corner of the playfield. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but that's mostly because my bear is behind a giant wall.

When you get there, jump. Then you jump ahead several levels where the enemies are more plentiful and more dangerous. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Pro tip: Looks identical, but isn't

In the NES version of Super Mario Bros. you can take advantage of a quirk and bounce off the back of a turtle to get lots of extra lives.

So, in an effort to to get the most out of your quarter, and possibly impress the other arcade-goers with your prowess, you work your way to the end of world 3-1 only to discover:

Your Koopas have been replaced with Goombas. And what that means is that you can't do your super-snazzy trick any more... which means that I hope that you brought lots of quarters.

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