dungeon siege 2

Pro tip: Creating a sweet ring in Dungeon Siege II whenever you want

If you're playing through Dungeon Siege II and just can't find any awesome fingerwear, you do have the option of just making some.

If you hit the Enter button and type:

You get a confirmation message

And a ring with fairly good stats will drop at your feet

Of course you'll probably find something else better pretty much right away with the amount of loot that drops in this game, but hey, it's pretty good for the beginning of the game, and for free.

Pro tip: Check out some developers' mugshots in Dungeon Siege 2

All over the world of Dungeon Siege 2, you see these teleporter things.

Step in, choose your destination and you get whisked away, passing the time with a sparkly screen.

Kind of soothing, but what if you want to see something different? You're in luck!

Hit the Enter key and type in the word '+twilightzone' (sans quotes).

Now, when you step into a teleporter, the sparklies are metamorphosed into photos of the developers.

Trippy, yes.

To go back to 'normal' just put the code in again, substituting a minus for the plus.

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