Pro tip: Starting off with partners in Castlevania III

In Castlevania III, you run across these helper characters that you can take along on your journey to put the beatdown on Dracula. The thing is, though, that you have to choose the correct path, and they're pretty deep into the game.

But you can bypass all of that.

When you start the game, at the Name Entry screen, if you put in this name.

You can start with Grant as your partner

If you put in this one

You start out with Sypha

And if you put in this one

You start out with Alucard

Of course, this keeps you from getting lots of free lives, so you'll have to decide whether or not the trade-off is worth it to you.

Pro tip: another Punch-Out!! secret passcode

In the NES Punch-Out!! the password entry allows for some interesting hidden tidbits.

Take this set of numbers for example:

Put that code in and the game gives you a busy signal.


Apparently that used to be Nintendo's Customer Service number, which was notorious for being difficult to get through.

What fun!

Pro tip: fight Mike Tyson (or Mr. Dream) any time you want

Mike Tyson (or Mr. Dream in later versions) is waiting for you at the end of Punch-Out!!

You have to fight a gaggle of other boxers to even get to him. You have passwords to save your progress, but the best one you can get will still stick you with several guys to go through before facing the champ.

That's why I like to put in this password:

This will take you straight to whoever's at the end of your cartridge, Tyson or Dream.

Unfortunately, he's kind of tough. Way tougher than anyone else in the game.

And if you lose, you don't get another chance, you get booted to the game over screen.

Which boots you to the title screen, where you can put the password in again, so no big setback.

Pro tip: Who Framed Roger Rabbit password

The Who Framed Roger Rabbit game can be kind of tough because the locations of the items you need to solve the game change every time you play it. You get passwords to save your progress, so it's not all bad.

However, keeping track of passwords is kind of tedious if you don't have a super-memory. So here's one that's kind of easy to remember:

Just put that code in and you'll have everything you need to complete the game... except for the dynamite. The dynamite isn't too tough to find, though, (though, that's another pro tip).

Is there a code that will give you everything and the dynamite?

Sure, but it's not so easy to remember.

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