3d worldrunner

Pro tip: Continuing in 3D Worldrunner

I've talked a little about 3D Worldrunner in the past. It's a 3D game on a system that's not really supposed to be able to do 3D, which makes it a little on the tough side. And that means that you're going to end up seeing this a lot.

But fret not!

If you hold Up on the Control Pad + the A Button + Start, you can continue at the beginning of the level where you left off!

Meaning you can keep plugging away at the levels until you either finish them or you give up in frustration.

It's really a no-lose situation.

Pro Tip: Enabling 3D in 3D Worldrunner

You might think that 3D Worldrunner is called '3D Worldrunner' because the worlds that the Worldrunner runs on are presented in a pseudo-3D.

But you'd only be partially right.

If you press the select button, you'll notice that the screen kind of freaks out and displays most of the game in red:

and Blue

It's what's known as a 3D Anaglyph. If you have those funky glasses with the film for the lenses, you'll see the images in glorious 3D!

Well, kind of. The 3D isn't really all that good in this game, but, hey, they tried.

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