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Pro tip: Walking through a fish in Kid Niki: Radical Ninja

Kid Niki is full of hidden passages and bonus stages, some of which are... different.

Like take this spot in Stage 4, for example. It's the platform directly after the second moving platform.

Jump up a few times and the next platform will turn into a fish!

Walk off the platform, directly into the fish's mouth and...

You're in!

You traverse the length of the fish (there's nothing in it but bones), and you come to the exit

Well, how else did you expect to get out of a fish?

Pro tip: Kid Niki's guest appearance in Kickle Cubicle

The title screen for Kickle Cubicle is nothing to write home about.

But if you plug in a second controller and hold down its A Button while you turn your NES on, and then keep on holding it until the title screen shows up, you'll notice that the little blue thing has been replaced by a certain Radical Ninja

He doesn't actually affect anything else so far as I can tell, but I bet you didn't know he was in there.

Pro tip: Secret Rooms in Kid Niki: Radical Ninja, Part 1

The NES version of Kid Niki has secret rooms all over the place. They're pretty well hidden, though, and I probably wouldn't have found them without the help of an old tips and tricks video I got a long time ago.

Like this one on the first stage.

Make your way to 1-9 and position yourself like so:

Then duck for a bit. Maybe hit the B button a few times to spin your sword around.

After a few seconds (and usually right after pressing B a couple of times) you'll be transported to a secret room!

Unfortunately, there's not a lot in this one

But there are a few others later on that have lots of bonuses, which we'll talk about another day.

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