Pro tip: Kid Niki's guest appearance in Kickle Cubicle

The title screen for Kickle Cubicle is nothing to write home about.

But if you plug in a second controller and hold down its A Button while you turn your NES on, and then keep on holding it until the title screen shows up, you'll notice that the little blue thing has been replaced by a certain Radical Ninja

He doesn't actually affect anything else so far as I can tell, but I bet you didn't know he was in there.

Pro tip: Mega Man X's hadoken

In Mega Man X, in the Armored Armadillo stage, if you leap up over the door to the boss's room, you find this little slice of heaven.

Pretty worthless, right?

But, if you collect every item in the game, including all weapons, sub-tanks, heart tanks, and body upgrades

Then visit this area several times (the easiest way to do this is to get up here, then leap off to the left into the pit so you start at the halfway point, stock up on lives using this tip)

After visiting this ledge about four or five times a weapon upgrade capsule will appear, and the good doctor will be wearing Ryu's (from Street Fighter) clothes.

Jump in, and you get the ability to throw Ryu's (and Ken's) signature fireball by pressing Down, Down-Forward, Forward, and then the shot button, but only if you have full health.

This thing is able to kill pretty much anything in the whole game in one hit, but you have to be on the ground to use it.

Have fun!

Pro tip: Mega Man 7, guest music

Mega Man 7 is made by Capcom, who likes to have some fun with their games sometimes. Take Mega Man 7, for example. It's pretty standard as far as Mega Man games go. But for a little treat, move your cursor over Shade Man's stage

hold down the B button and press Start.

You'll probably notice something different right away (though the difference doesn't show up in screen shots)

The tune for the stage intro and the stage itself change to something a bit different than the norm.

And if you don't recognize the music, I'd suggest you go back and play this game for a few minutes.

Pro tip: Karnov Spotting

Karnov is a character that starred in his own, very surreal, game. He's a 'circus strongman' who could breathe fire. His game was pretty unremarkable, but it was really tough.

Mostly it was tough because big, 'muscular' Karnov could only take one hit before he'd die (occasionally, he could take two, the first one would turn him blue, the second would turn him dead).

Fast forward a little bit to another video game called Bad Dudes, a game where you have to rescue President Ronnie who had been kidnapped by ninjas.

Make your way to the end of the first stage to find:

Karnov has managed to make his way to New York and has joined a clan of ninjas for no readily discernible reason, and he's also managed to grow the ability to take more than one hit before he dies.

He also turns up later as a sub-boss, only he's blue... clever.

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