Pro tip: Unlimited continues in Tiny Toons Adventures: Buster Busts Loose

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose isn't really that tough of a game, but if you haven't yet clocked a few thousand hours into honing your reflexes, it might be kind of tough.

But, you can give yourself a few more chances to make it through the game.

Go to the Password screen

Put in this password

And go to town. If you lose, and go to continue:

You'll notice that where it normally says that you have 5 continues, that it says nothing at all. And that means that there's limitless continues at your disposal.

Use them well!

Pro tip: Seing the ending to The Magic of Scheherazade any time you want

The Magic of Scheherazade isn't a super-long game or anything, but it is a little lengthy to play through in one sitting. And your progress is saved via passwords, so if you want to take your old saved game for a spin, you're going to have trouble if you've misplaced your old password sheet.

But, you've got a secret weapon.

Just go to the password screen and put in this password

Press Start and the ending sequence will begin!

I'm sure you can find a way to use this information to your advantage.

Pro tip: Warping around in Willow

The Willow RPG for NES is pretty tough, and if you're like me at all, you'll give up on it pretty fast. But what if you want to see some more places that the game has to offer?

Well, you're in luck, kinda.

You could start by putting in this password:

Which has fairly normal-looking results.

You're toward the end of the game, loaded up with weapons, armor, and magic, but you're only on Level 3.

But if you hit Select

These coordinates appear in the middle of the screen. If you hold the A button and press Up and Down you can change the right one, and if you hold the B button and press Up and Down you can change the left one.

After you find some coordinates you're happy with, hit Select again to be transported there.

It'll take some trial and error to make sure that you don't end up inside a wall or in a screen full of glitches, so you might want to take notes.

Pro tip: playing as Al Gore in NBA Jam

I've noticed that sports games are a little bit underrepresented on here, so let's fix that right now.

NBA Jam isn't your traditional basketball game. It features 2v2 matchups and plays kind of fast and loose with the rules of basketball and the laws of physics.

That's what makes it so fun.

That, and the secret players in the game.

For instance:

On the Super NES version, enter your initials for record keeping.

Then put in "NE" and move your cursor to the "T"

Hold L + R, and press X to make your choice, confirm, and when you go to select your team

Your player will be replaced with Al Gore.


Pro tip: Seeing Low G Man's endings any time you want

Low G Man is a pretty tough game, and once you finish it (if you make it that far) you still haven't fully completed it. You have to go through the game 3 times total to see all of the endings.

Unless you put in some passwords to help out.

Put in this password to see the first ending:

This one to see the second ending

And this one to see the third (and final) ending

All of the endings are essentially the same

Just with a couple of screens changed at the end, so you might want to just skip the first and second and go for the third ending.

Or not, your call.

Pro tip: previewing levels in The Adventures of Lolo 3

The Adventures of Lolo 3 is pretty much the same as the older games in the series, but with a couple of minor changes, the biggest one is that the passwords are way more complicated, so there's no simply swapping some letters around to jump ahead if you get stuck.

But you can see some of the later levels if you get stuck early on.

Go to the password screen and put in the password as all 2s

Now when you walk into Levels 1-3, you'll immediately finish them without having to solve anything!

Then you can start puzzle-solving at Level 4, where the game starts to ramp up its difficulty.

But, since you skipped the first part of the game, you won't be able to proceed past Level 8, that's where your 'preview' ends. Which is just as well, those later puzzles are real brain-benders.

Pro tip: Free money in RC Pro-Am 2

The second RC Pro-Am game is a little bit more in-depth than the first one. You still have to race radio-controlled cars around a series of tracks, but this time you get prize money to purchase upgrades for your vehicle.

And just like real life, you start out with zero dollars and have to work your way up from there...


On the Name Entry screen if you put your initials in as "NES"

You start the game with a few extra dollars in your pocket, $5,000 to be exact

So you can immediately buy some upgrades to give yourself an early advantage.

And who doesn't love free money?

Pro tip: unkillable Rambo

I've never actually seen any of the Rambo movies or read the book, but I did see UHF, which had this clip in it:

That clearly shows that Rambo is pretty hardcore and invulnerable. But how?

I bet went to the 'Continue' option

Then put in this mission code

Which resulted in him being able to walk around with no health

Which I'd certainly call hardcore.

Pro tip: Selecting the starting round in On The Ball

On The Ball is a little bit of an oddball game. You have to guide your little marble through the stages by rotating the stage and letting gravity take care of the rest. There's a huge variety of stages (one hundred of 'em!) to keep you busy for a while.

But what if you went to the password screen and put in this sequence of characters?:

You'd be taken back to the title screen, with a snazzy new option!

Pick your round and get on it!

But, be warned, those higher levels are pretty ridiculous.

I mean, they're at the end of the game for a reason, you know.

Pro tip: Accessing Back to the Future III

Back to the Future 2 and 3 are decent movies, but the NES video game is completely bizarre.

In the Back to the Future 2 part, you have to guide Marty around 1985, 1955, and 2015 to find secret rooms, then clear out all the stuff in said rooms to get key items, then put the key items in other secret rooms all to get access to the second half of the game, Back to the Future 3.

And, assuming you did all of that, you get to go to Back to the Future 3 to do it all again.

But! What if you go to the title screen.

Hold down the B button and press Select

You get a scrambled password screen!

Rearrange the letters like so:

And you'll be able to jump right to the Back to the Future 3 part, which is a little bit shorter, and features Marty wearing a cowboy hat.

Fun times!

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