Pro Tip: playing in the Sky Stage in Killer Instinct

When you go to the Character Selection screen in Killer Instinct, you have the ability to influence the stage you play on and the music that plays by holding either Up or Down on the Control Pad and pressing one of the Punch or Kick buttons.

But, what if you and a friend are playing the game and you go to the Player Select screen

Highlighted the character you wanted and then held Down on the Control Pad and pressed whatever button you designated for Medium Kick (the default is B)?

You'd be taken to the VS. screen (where you might want to take advantage of Easy Combo Breakers)

But once the fight actually starts you'll be on a platform mysteriously floating in the sky!

Which is very easy to get knocked off of

So even with Easy Combo Breakers turned on, if you get backed into a corner, you're going to be in trouble.

Have fun!

And yes, this works in the Arcade version as well.

Pro tip: Evolving to a mermaid in E.V.O.: Search for Eden

E.V.O. is all about evolving your creature to survive in the different eras of prehistory, and there are a few hidden surprises waiting for you.

For instance. Make it pretty far in to the game and you'll hit the stage Final Ocean

Hop in and you'll be given the ability to swim. But check out the Hands and Feet option in your E.V.O. menu.

Try to evolve and you end up looking like a fish thing.

Go back to Hands and Feet and choose 'Evolve Further' to... evolve further (natch).

And again

And again

Boom! Mermaid!

Why would you want to do this? The mermaid has 100 HP, the strongest bite of any of your creatures so far, and is the fastest swimmer, so there's really no reason to not do it.

Also, once you're finished with this stage, you get your old body back, so enjoy it while you can!

Pro tip: Getting 1ups (almost) every time in Super Mario World's bonus rooms

Super Mario World is chock full of these bonus rooms. Like this one that has rows and rows of ?-Blocks.

If you can hit them in the correct order (which is random), a 1-Up will pop out, but if you hit them in the wrong order

You get nothin'.

That's why it's recommended to enter these rooms with a Cape.

If you can manage to hit the bottom-left corner of the blocks, you'll be correct every time!

Which will allow you to get a few free 1-Ups for your troubles

And timing is key. If you hit the side of the blocks, it might not work (but, since it's pretty much random anyway, it might).

Good luck!

Pro tip: The Tetris T-Spin

In Tetris, you occasionally will have to maneuver pieces so that they fit in spaces where it doesn't initially look like they're going to fit.

Like this T-piece, for example.

It would totally fit in that hole on the left column if some of those pieces weren't in the way.

But if you let it get partway in

And then rotate it at the last second, it slides into place

Which is easier to show in animated .gif form

This is a pretty useful maneuver, since it lets you slip those T-pieces in places where they wouldn't normally go.

Pro tip: Kool Stuff in Mortal Kombat 3

Been playing the Super NES port of Mortal Kombat 3 and been getting bored with it? (And at this point the game's life, who wouldn't be?)

Well, then, let's tweak a few options, shall we?

First, go to the 'Start' Screen

And press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, A, B, A on Controller 1. Done right, a new menu option will appear, Kool Stuff

With several things to tweak.

Not enough?

Well, then go back to the 'Start' screen and press Select, A, B, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up on Controller 1.

Another option will appear, Kooler Stuff

With lots more options to flip

Still not enough?

Okay, go back to the 'Start' Screen and press X, B, A, Y, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down on Controller 1 to get the final menu choice, Scott's Stuff

Which has yet more options for you to play with

Now things will start getting interesting, so go nuts flipping those options!

Thanks, reader EASY, for suggesting today's tip!

Pro tip: Renaming everyone in Rival Turf!

If you've never played Rival Turf!, it's kind of like Final Fight, you run around various cities across the country beating up wave after wave of identical twins.

And just like lots of other games, if you end up running out of lives and continues, you have to start over. But if your score is high enough, you get to enter your name in the High Score Table. If you pretend for a moment that your name is 'CHRCONF'

And then hit 'EX', you'll be taken to a secret screen

Where you get to change the names of all the characters in the game. There aren't any restrictions that I could find, so go nuts

And that should make having to repeat the first few stages a little less tedious

Pro tip: playing some mini games in Yoshi's Island any time you want

In Yoshi's Island you occasionally find a locked door that, when unlocked, will lead to a bonus game where you have to play a game against a Bandit for extra lives.

But what if you're low on lives and you haven't taken the time to stock up, and you don't want to bother going through a stage to find one of those locked doors?

Well, good news!

If you go the map screen

And on Controller 1 hold Select while pressing X, X, Y, B, A, you'll be greeted with fanfare and a new screen

Which lets you choose which of the mini games you want to play (as an added bonus, you can play a couple of them with a second player)

And if you lose, there's no penalty, so there's really no reason to not go for it.

Pro tip: names that aren't "cool enough" for Uniracers

One of the neat things about Uniracers is that you can rename any of the racers to pretty much anything you want to.

But occasionally you'll put in a perfectly fine name only to have it rejected as being 'not cool enough'

Through some testing, I was able to determine that the game uses a rudimentary check for... we'll call them 'off-color' words, and if it finds them anywhere in the name you've typed in, either for the individual unis or for teams, then it gets rejected.

I can't provide a list of all the words it rejects, though. You're on your own for that.

Pro tip: Super Mario World's secret song

Play enough Super Mario World and you'll eventually make your way to the Special area where eight fairly tough levels with kind of silly names await you.

But if you sit at the map screen long enough, for several minutes, you might notice the music changes to something that sounds oddly familiar, the theme from the first game!

Don't have access to a save file close enough to the Special area? Or don't have a Super NES within arm's length? That's OK, I've prepared a sample for you right here in mp3 form.

Pro tip: An alternate path through the 'grassy' stages in Super Mario Bros. 3

In the 'grassy' stages of Super Mario Bros. 3 (like stage 1-2, for example) you might notice that there's a dark green patch at the bottom of the screen.

You may be thinking that was an artistic choice, but if you're properly prepared, you'll find that it's more than that.

Enter one of those stages with a P-Wing equipped and fly down the closest pit (being careful to not actually fall in, of course) and you'll find that the dark green stuff is actually a tunnel that runs most of the length of the stage!

Of course, stuff like enemy fireballs that go through the ground can still hit you if you're not careful, if you stop mashing the A button you'll fall off the bottom of the screen and lose a life, and you can't actually finish the stage from down there, you have to be above ground to hit the Card at the end.

But it's a fun novelty to do once or twice.

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